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The game offers little backstory, but a little online research reveals that a vaccine intended to inoculate humans from—what else—bird flu had the unintended side effect of giving birds mental capabilities, both intellectually and emotionally, equal to our own. At precisely the moment you begin to think of the birds of St.In other words, these birds don’t experience themselves as birds, but something more like humans in a birds’ bodies. Pigeo Nation’s not as birds, but as the (human) personalities they parody, the experiential weirdness starts to deflate like an aging balloon and the game becomes the very thing it was intended to parody.What sense of normalcy could ever account for being propositioned by an elegant, sweet-talkin’, sugar-daddy parakeet?

It would wonder what a life connected to alien beings, animal, object, or otherwise, would feel like.These moves often throw Umako into a tizzy, and leave her feeling both flabbergasted and torn about her infatuation.does get repetitive quickly—all you do is tap on various items and chat with your horse boyfriend—but I still find myself being amused by the wacky hijinks the lovebirds find themselves in.In videogames, love is often a goal, if not an achievement in the literal sense.But what if a game didn’t simply assume that that such connections were the goal of having relationships with other beings?

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