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when looking for someone that is married to have an affair is one thing to know where married couples go to meet other married couples is another.I am one of those married looking for another person that may be married an is experiencing the same sex less all you who got the shaft in a divorce, I bet it wasn't all one sided, you did love one another when you got married, look back and see what went wrong, some body wasn't happy for a reason.P of F is a wasteland for married people..at least.You are much more likely to meet someone married in your area on "ashley"If you are married and need to "hook up", then obviously your marriage doesnt work. Talk, come clean before making a pig out of yourself (before you "hook up") and move on as a divorced man/woman. best partner for you is the one you already sleep with... Amazingly during the 1950's Ida Lupino and Edmund O'Brien starred in a movie called "The Bigamist"nit was on this morning on TNC. Lupino dealt with many "taboo" subjects during the 1950's and often people were ready to stone her as a heretic.Cassie became saddened when Jane got killed and claimed the witch hunters were to blame.

She evenually learn the truth about being a witch and read a letter that her mother left for her.She grew close to her grandmother after she lost her mother.She trust her enough to reveal that she is a witch and ask her for guidance when the circle couldn't.Cassie would worry about her alot like when she went to see Herny and hasn't return.Jane kept Cassie and the circle's secret from the Elders.

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