Wsus client not updating status

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So the initial sync from MS to the WSUS can be very large depending on what updates you want to pull, and then it still needs to push them out to the clients.

i think your good , you just to to wait and let it do its thing. Also, if clients WUA doesn't match the version on the WSUS server they have problems.

v FYI, There is no pushing of updates from a WSUS server. Hence me suggesting to install the latest WUA on the clients.

The clientdiag tool now runs successfully and I'm getting better results in the Windows files but still with errors.I am going to try to run the /detectnow from the command line on some of the other pc's in the test OU to see if I get them to pull the updates.Sorry about not attaching the Windows file, it should be attached now. In order for this to work a "selfupdate" folder must be created under default website (cause it is the default port 80 site) which points to the WSUS selfupdate folder. Thanks, but I sorted out some of it: My WSUS is running on port 8530.

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