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Becky has struggled with her confidence and often feels self-conscious.And so deciding to do a series of self-portraits – focusing entirely on her body – was a big deal.‘It has always been something I wanted to do but never had the confidence to,’ Beck told uk.Becky ended up getting some photos taken by that photographer, which gave her the confidence to focus her final two university projects on her body and her disability.Which is a powerful concept in itself, as we so rarely see those with disabilities portrayed in a ‘sexy’ way.Becky told us: ‘I think it’s really important to have more disabled people in the media, being portrayed as sexy, because why should we not? Everyone is beautiful in a different way and that should be celebrated.‘I believed that if I spoke to someone for some time and we honestly had a connection then it wouldn’t make a difference to them once I told them about my disability,’ she says. When Becky started to use photos where her back was visible, the number of matches she received ‘dropped dramatically’, and she began to receive awful comments such as ‘but can you still have sex?

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‘I think sometimes people need to remember that just because someone has a disability it doesn’t make them different.

The project initially started as a way for Becky to explore dating with disability, but slowly turned into a project about self-acceptance and challenging people’s perception of beauty and disabilities.

When Becky first started online dating she only used photos that showed her face.

You can speak to them like you would anyone else.’ The message of her project is simple: don’t judge someone based on the appearance of their body.

‘Don’t just look at someone and assume something,’ says Becky.

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