Wii froze while updating

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Try moving your device closer to your router before you try any port forwarding, static IP, DNS, and etc.I don't think static IP address is an problem but its could be.Nintendo acknowledges that it can take more than one hour just to download the update.I posted earlier about my 3DS system becoming corrupted due to having to power off during an update that was not making progress.Friend list is full, I will be clearing room for Bravely Default soon though. Even if I am just connect to the internet and go to Home menu from an offline game, it can freeze.I was able to download small VC games though and use the browser though it would not lad images.I don't want to mess it up worse by doing the wrong ports, whatever ports are.

If so, I have heard of similar issues as far back as the DSi, though with both systems it is quite uncommon. Assuming you can access the System Settings with your 3DS in its current shape, my suggestion would be to turn automatic updates on and keep your 3DS in sleep mode at the main menu with the Wi-Fi turned on for a while (ideally overnight) and see what comes of it. I'll see if I can figure out how to do that for my new, new system. I have found out that it is in fact something with my connection, but I have no idea what.I did end up setting a static IP, but it didn't fix the problem, assuming I did it right.I looked up port forwarding and found a wide variety of answers.A friend recommended looking up port forwarding or establishing a static IP.I don't know the first thing about networking jargon, and I am having trouble finding a definitive answer on how either of these things should be done.

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