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All the President's (Martin Sheen) men and women scramble in the chaotic wake of an assassination attempt that leaves some victims fighting for their lives.

Oh, and one more thing: there's a downed fighter pilot in Iraq.

Then he retires to a bar where he drowns his sorrows, sure that Bartlet will fire him.

Instead Bartlet fires all his other advisers, who have counseled him to fudge the issue. Yet by doing it we get to do this incredible two-parter which is the finest piece of writing I've ever read, ...

And he insists that his non-disclosure policy is not "a marketing tool" and that "people don't want to know [the outcome in advance]." Maybe so, and West Wing, a top 20 hit that won a record nine Emmy Awards last month (one of which went to Schlamme, for directing last season's opener) doesn't really need a marketing tool, but it has one. "The idea of the episode - and even of the shooting - was to be able to flash back and find out how all these people (the regulars) came together," says Schlamme, who directed this episode as well.

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Spencer, referring to "West Wing" guiding light Aaron Sorkin. and I think that the Republicans, who started the George Bush juggernaut, thought that we weren't going to notice . "If you've got to run for president, at the very least, you've got to be able to speak in complete sentences." - Sheen, who's a social sort, was a bit loose of lip after the Television Critics Association's Awards in July, at least until John Spencer came over and went all Leo Mc Garry on him, pulling Sheen back before he ventured too far onto the grassy knoll.

How do I set up the rules with viewers that from time to time, this is going to happen and you shouldn't be upset by it?

"I just want to be able to write the moment when someone walks up to Martin Sheen and says, 'Sir, all three networks and CNN are calling and projecting you the winner.' Just to see what happens to his face when he realizes he's the President." - Peggy Noonan, a journalist and former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, and Marlin Fitzwater, ex-press secretary to both Reagan and President George Bush, will join a team of backstage political consultants that already includes ex-Clinton spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers.

"'Yes, it's liberal-oriented,' I tell all my conservative friends, 'but that's the way the presidency works,'" he says.

"And the truth is, my friends all love the show." I was summoned to the office of National Security adviser Sandy Berger, who chewed me out for not having a national security adviser.

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