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Before global warming, I doubt that England had more than three sunny weeks a year.

Which is one of the reasons that England fell in love with the Beach Boys, to a certain degree, more than America did.

And while the Beatles were unquestionably the movement’s instigators and dominant force, the Rolling Stones and the Who were, initially, among the least successful of the invaders—the former group struggling throughout ’64 to gain a foothold in America while the Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits, and even Billy J.

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All of a sudden, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” comes along, and I was No. From, let’s say, February 6, which was when my record ceased to be No. BRUCE MORROW: The Four Seasons and the Beach Boys did O. and carried the American flag for a few years, but the solo artists had a very rough time. Because, suddenly, everybody was putting their money and attention and production values behind the British groups. But we did not laugh at his business acumen and ability to get it right in America.In hindsight, and on merit, this sounds about right—these are the best and most revered of the English bands who came of age in the 1960s—but the reality of the British Invasion, which was at its most intense in the two years immediately following the Beatles’ landfall, was somewhat different.Far from being solely a beat-group explosion, the Invasion was a rather eclectic phenomenon that took in everything from Petula Clark’s lushly symphonic pop to Chad and Jeremy’s dulcet folk-schlock to the Yardbirds’ blues-rock rave-ups.As a place to practice your business, it wasn’t even a consideration. I think most of us had the feeling of “How dare these Brits, these upstarts, take the American idiom of rock ’n’ roll and do what they did to it?” I think it took over three meetings for us to realize that there was something more to this than protecting the American rock ’n’ roll industry and community.

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