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The worst is when a client is in the middle of a big story, yelling over the dryer, and all of a sudden I stop the blow dryer and everyone hears them screaming." "This can be a challenge, especially if the client is softly-spoken or they are trying to talk about private matters. Plus, clients don’t realise how loud they sound when they chat at the basin as they are trying to talk over the sound of running water, plus everything echoes...The best way to get around this is to learn to lip read in the mirror ... it can be quite funny sometimes listening to people." "Clients are supposed to relax at this stage; it’s been described as 'the best bit' for a reason.I think the best way would be to ask what the total price is for your complete service and then maybe ask what exactly that includes." "Unless they're Beyoncé and can make it rain cash, most clients are on a budget or just like to know where their money goes. Clients need not be shy and nor should hairdressers; communication is the key.Let’s face it, everyone loves an expensive surprise — unless they’re the one paying for it." "No service should start if both parties are not 100 per cent on the same page with what the outcome will be, especially if you're having a big change.Sometimes it’s nice for the hairdresser, too.” "That rule would be awesome; you feel really bad when you can see your client's lips moving and you can't hear a thing they are saying. Instead, if we don’t hear something correctly we just smile, nod and say, 'Yes, absolutely' and hope for the best." "I think that’s the best!

It's pretty rude for a client to be taking a call while you are doing their hair, but checking it and texting I think is OK.A client should speak up at any stage they are feeling nervous about an element of their service, they certainly shouldn’t wait to the very end. It's your hair, and your stylist should want you to look your very best and they should always want to do their best work.You are walking advertisement for them." : "Please speak up as soon as possible.Some people have crazy busy lives and don’t get the opportunity to just stop and sit still for an hour or so.Then add someone running their hands through your hair, it can be really relaxing.

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