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So we really had to carve that space and time out for ourselves, and this was the way we chose to do it. If anything, I’ll want to hope he doesn’t get inoculated. I’m much more worried about him accidentally knocking someone up when he’s 16, and I really don’t have to think about that for a while.

Are you nervous about the day you have to explain or any of the more controversial aspects of your career? I remember reading somewhere that you said you wouldn’t create art in a vacuum. Well I think art is always fundamentally a relationship.

And your job as an artist is to find and accept whatever that sliver is and pay no attention to the rest. But my audience extends way beyond that – when I tour, people buy tickets to come see me. That audience extends far beyond the 6,000 patrons. You know, the fact that I have thousands of CDs, and listen to the radio, and can hum a lot of songs, I think necessarily makes me a fan of all of those people even if I am not constantly engaged with them on a 24/7 basis.

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And also hoping, and figuring that if I hit that right, that if I figured that part out it might out. You bring up your history as a street performer a lot and how it’s affected your work.As far as her letter goes, I think one of the things that’s so difficult nowadays is the general audience of people that artists are trying to educate, and especially if you’re talking to 14-year old girls.I don’t know if you can really explain the subtleties of how the industry works and why things happen and why certain things get promoted and why people get paid, but in a certain sense Taylor Swift waving the flag of Apple and condemning Spotfiy is like trying to make a progressive health argument that everyone should go eat at Mc Donalds and not Burger King.It doesn’t necessarily move the entire agenda forward.And one always has to bear in mind what’s in it for this artist, what kind of deal does Taylor have with Apple that she doesn’t have with Spotify, and you know, those things are harder to explain to your average young, dumb music consumer.

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