What scripture says about dating

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Jeremiah warns against a superficial reconciliation when there is continued rottenness underneath.He says, “Prophets and priests alike all practice deceit.When someone is truly repentant, he or she will: wife to reconcile with you shows that you have not understood the process of godly sorrow or repentance well.Your question indicates you are trying to control her heart when you have plenty of work to do on your He waited.He watched their actions to see whether their heart’s had changed.

Therefore, let me help you understand what that process looks like in messy and ugly relationship problems.

In the reconciliation of a broken marriage, we’re not just talking about being neighborly again or having the ability to worship together in the same church.

It’s about restoring an intimate partnership that is built on trust. Because you have repeatedly broken trust and now trust is not repairable because he no longer trusts your claim of repentance.

Let’s look at the situation for a minute outside of marriage. Do you think your business partner will continue to want to be your business partner? The permanent brokenness of a relationship is a sad but real consequence of repeatedly sinning against someone.

Let’s say you have been business partners with someone for 15 years and you have a gambling addiction. You said you relapsed but you did not specify what happened.

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