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Anyway, I think the answer might be for me to lead the way a bit.After posting on Saturday night, he texted saying he was looking forward to seeing me the next day.Keep in mind that the latter will fulfill those Balto fantasies.You're going to Sedona to marvel at all the majestic red rocks, but it's your call whether you do this via pink Jeep tour or hot-air balloon.I didn't miss him as such, in fact I quite enjoyed the time on my own.

The thing is, he will often comment about things when we are together that indicate he's been thinking about me in the week - I just wish he'd mention it at the time!

I don't want anything overtly sexual in texts, but just something to distinguish them from the sort of thing he'd send to his mother would be nice. I don't think you're being needy - I totally understand what you mean about maintaining the closeness in weekend only dating - but think it's unrealistic to hope that an undemonstrative unromatic man will send "miss you" texts. He's always been the same and to be honest I've tried to see the positive side in his 'style' too.

I've 'been there, done that' with a man who was good on the words but whose actions never matched them, and I don't want that again, so I've tried to take comfort from what he does rather than what he says. I think it would be fine if we saw each other even once int he week,because then all the good stuff would still be there. Hi there, this is my take on the weekend only relationship, having been there myself.

I just feel that by the time we go through the week, we've lost so much of the closeness we had e previous weekend, and almost need to 'start again' the next time we meet.

He texts me every day and we speak a couple of times in the week, but honestly, while he will always talk about his day, asks after mine etc (all of which is fine), I'd like Him to be a bit more forthcoming about whether he's missing me etc. I got really fecked off with it after a while and the relationship collapsed. You can say to him look I'm not happy with our pattern of contact and see what he says We've been together 4/5 months.

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