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You want to experience the destination like an insider.

Oh—and those special perks and upgrades reserved for the regulars? You need a travel fixer with unparalleled on-the-ground connections and expertise—a destination specialist who lives where you’re going, or visits often enough to have an office there, and who holds the keys to the kingdom, including access to the most well-connected local expediters (hardly just “guides”) and the most atmospheric places to stay, with the most to-die-for views.

Their agency sends so many travelers to Hawaii that it has significant clout with the five-star resorts—which translates into perks for his travelers.

They can arrange anything from multi-generational family reunions to pull-out-all-the-stops honeymoons.

United States | Caribbean and Mexico | Canada | Central America | South America | Europe | Asia | Africa and Middle East | Australia and Pacific | Cruises | Villa Vacations and Yacht Charters / Adventure Travel (Biking, Diving, Rafting) We’re all savvy enough to get off the interstates—but how do you pinpoint the most scenic and interesting backroads?

Where do you find the most charming slices of Americana that have defied modernization?

These professors, chefs, and other noteworthy locals provide exceptional insight and open doors that would otherwise be closed to most travelers. But California’s attractions are no secret, and the distances between them can be substantial.

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Each tour is designed and led by a scholar or expert—in disciplines including archaeology, art history, cuisine, urban planning, history, environmental science, and classics. From Napa Valley to Death Valley, the Sierras to San Francisco, you’ll find some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders, finest restaurants, and most vibrant cities.You’re planning an important trip to an unfamiliar destination.You want minimal hassle and maximum efficiency—no time-wasting logistical surprises, no battling tourist hordes and lines.For something more affordable—which means a large ship and group shore excursions—contact Tom Baker.Caroline lives 70 miles from the border of Yellowstone National Park and spent nearly every summer of her childhood next door to Old Faithful, where her father was (and still is) a naturalist for the Park Service.

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