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I am 72 and still masturbate regularly about 3 or 4 times a week - I find the internet a great help in arousing me and enjoy doing it while watching videos of all sorts of sex or sometimes erotic stories ( wish I could ejaculate more semen and wonder how I can improve that - tried abstaining, drinking more water, zinc supplements but not much change. I still enjoy my wife more, but this is something different that I thought I would never do.something awesome about those fleshlites that I don't get from intercourse and the same is true in reverse when I slam it in as far as I can and empty my twins.

Lee I fully agree with you Cargoman, sorry that your marriage has been totally celibate for nearly 25 years.As far as I am concerned, I do masturbate in the region of 3 to 5 times a week, its great, a lot of semen always comes out, this is due to the fact that I take it slowly, sometimes as long as a hour, other times, not so long, I usually look at naked women on some website just to prolong it. LOL I am now 67 years of age, I seem to be masturbating more often than I have since my teenage pre married days when I did it, o well sometimes up to 3 times a day, yes, those were the golden days for masturbating, great memories, I like your last sentence, except for the word old, that should be young. I don't really go in for hard porn or anything like that.Hi back at you Almor, It has been awhile since you posted, but I have read most of your inputs and you make good since on the subjects you are addressing. I still like masturbation to balance my sex drive with the wife's. Hi, just re-reading some of the older posts from everyone on this site, so what does Al Morr use for sexual stimulation when he (me) masturbates?We are only a once a week ( maybe twice sometimes) sex night. well its my 2 hands around my above average penis, usually I have a picture of a naked women from somewhere on the Net or sometimes a man with a large penis, however, as I am fully hetrosexual, (nothing against gays) it usually is females that turn me on the most.I don't really watch porn videos, its just still photos of naked women, fully natural, none of your hairless ladies for me, a full bush turns me on the most.

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