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You can register event listeners on all nodes in the display list for a specific type of event, phase, and priority.

After you successfully register an event listener, you cannot change its priority through additional calls to , you have two separate listeners: one that listens during the capture phase, and another that listens during the target and bubbling phases.

If the the specified index is less than zero or greater than the length of the list, a Range Error is thrown.

Prevents changes to the collection itself and items within the collection from being dispatched by the view.

When you no longer need an event listener, remove it by calling ; otherwise, memory problems might result.

When this property is modified, it dispatches the method after setting this property.

Also prevents the view from updating the positions of items if the positions change in the collection.

The changes will be queued and dispatched appropriately after Checks whether the Event Dispatcher object has any listeners registered for a specific type of event.

If the event listener is being registered on a node while an event is also being processed on this node, the event listener is not triggered during the current phase but may be triggered during a later phase in the event flow, such as the bubbling phase. All listeners with priority n are processed before listeners of priority n-1.

If an event listener is removed from a node while an event is being processed on the node, it is still triggered by the current actions. If two or more listeners share the same priority, they are processed in the order in which they were added. — Determines whether the reference to the listener is strong or weak.

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