Validating schools

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A study conducted in urban schools examining students’ perspectives on motivation and achievement, found that teacher empathy is a key practice in promoting academic motivation and achievement.Alfred Adler defined empathy as “seeing with the eyes of another, hearing with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another” (Ansbaccher & Ansbacher, 1956, p. Students open up and share when they know you care.By listening and validating feelings I learned what my students were thinking and feeling, and this helped me understand better how to help.We met with his parents and came up with a plan that he would handle all his work independently.They made an agreement that for 3 weeks, they would not discuss homework or grades.

He felt like he didn’t matter to them, just his grades.

Or it may tell you to just to listen and validate feelings.

Research shows empathy is a crucial component in helping students, especially at risk students.

We discuss our results in terms of the importance of taking species' sensory capacities into account when studying interaction networks within groups.

For example, a secondary school student is likely to be aged between 11 and 16.

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