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Claimant Identification Number Your Claimant Identification Number (CID) is a number assigned only to you at the time you filed your initial unemployment application.

We use it on the documents we send to you as a way to safeguard your claim and Social Security number from identity theft.

If you don’t make a weekly claim, we can’t begin the investigation.

It can take three to four weeks to complete the investigation.

Your claim is effective the week in which you submit your application; backdating of initial claim applications is not allowed. On the first Sunday or Monday after you filed your application, file a claim for the prior week.

You can file your claim for the prior week online or by phone on our Weekly Claim Line.

However, if there was a holiday on Monday of the week, your payment will be delayed by a day.

Personal Identification Number You chose a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you first filed your initial unemployment application, whether you filed online or by telephone. You will need it whenever you access the Online Claim System and to claim weekly benefits whether online or by telephone. If you forget it, you will have to ask us reset it so that you can choose a new PIN. Do not share it with anyone and don’t let others use it.We will make a decision based on information from you, your employer or other sources.If the decision allows benefits and you meet all eligibility conditions, we pay any benefits you have coming.You may be scheduled to attend a meeting at a Work Source Oregon center.If you do not go, your benefits will be delayed while we investigate.

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