Updating plsql

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At this moment we don’t have any data in ‘new_employee’ and ‘new_employee_duplicate’ tables.

The primary use of views is to present data to users of an application.

Tables can be customized and tailored to the needs of the users by way of views. All permissions can be removed from the underlying tables, and as long as the owner of the table is the same as the owner of the view, the user will be able to interact with the data based on the permissions granted to the view.

For example, you could create a view for a salesperson that only displays her own orders, or you might create a view for the manager, who is only interested in seeing the total sales for each salesperson. Figure 9.1 shows the Permissions dialog box for vw Customeraddress List.

Using a view to filter data on the server is much more efficient than fetching an entire table and then applying a filter on the client. One reason it's recommended that the dbo own all objects in a database is that problems arise when the chain of ownership is broken.

To restrict the rows in a view, you use the same kinds of criteria in a clause. This happens when the view and the underlying table do not have the same owner.

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