Tyra show trust your dating instincts

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I would really like to know what I’m getting myself into!

What seems very clear is that your boyfriend isn’t up to speed on Sole Maintenance. Otherwise, just like his high tops and Vans the relationship can start to look and feel shabby.

Next, if a man has an assortment of shoes for different conditions and situations in life that is a good indicator that he doesn’t take a “one size fits all” approach to life.

He has the ability to recognize the needs of each situation and respond to it effectively through his specific choice in shoes. Sometimes it’s difficult to lift information from a man’s typical black suit shoes.

I would prefer them to be more expensive because I think that’s classy but I assume the basic style and condition are more important?

If a guy has several different types of shoes (tevas, work & bad weather boots, nice-black-lace-up-pumas) that he wears frequently does that mean he is fickle or just sensible? If he has to wear a shirt and tie or a suit then he doesn’t really have many options for shoes.

He could have the ugliest, smelly shoes at home that he puts on right after work.

Is the type of shoe a guy wears to work an accurate depiction of his sole? It’s not necessarily the brand of the show but more importantly the qualities that his shoes express.

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The Soleology Trickle Down Theory says that if he isn’t taking care of his shoes, most likely he isn’t taking good care of himself.I’m just starting to get into Soleology…so I would love to know if you think I’m on track or not.In my opinion, the brand of the shoe is not the most important thing to look at because you might not always be able to tell…at least I wouldn’t be able to.I was pleased to connect with such a passionate, fascinating artist as Chesher.Note: We had some connectivity issues on the day we recorded, so please bear in mind the more “raw” recording of this conversation…reason why I love podcasting!

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