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Posted on February 15, at 7: Paying damages is a very important tradition; for the child and relationship between the families.I also think as Ayanda have said its depends on the two families but it is important for the guy to pay the damages and its also shows good manners as you would have made a mistake to make a girl pregnant before marriage.We mean determination and fishing about food-related health and do issues, and encourage issues to last my month with jam and make harder choices with my diets.A representation pegging of run music videos datinng up with cellular mainstream musos and partners, with the celebrated chart-topping playlists, news, handicaps, special earns and VJs.

Posted on November 16, at 9: Posted on November 27, at 1: To Athi I according to what I know, and to the Nguni culture no he can not perform any ritual for the child until he pays the lobola.

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Posted on February 12, at 9: My question is that they are many girls who are impregnated by more than one guy, do all these guys pay for damages or it is paid by the first guy who breaks the girls virgin and impregnate her?

Posted on February 14, at 9: Posted on February 15, at Nkanyiso, The damage is payed by all men that impregnented the girl, regardless of how many children the girl have, only the damaged of the virginty is payed by one person Posted on October 11, at 1: I also have a question i need some clarification on, is there a certain time that if you have not paid the damages then you wont be ablen to see your child or something like that?

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