Springfield rifle serial number dating

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Date Codes, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Winchester Rifles, Winchester Rifle & Shotgun 1969 , Winchester Shotguns. in 1917 - Enfield P14 designed to accept .30-06 cartridge by merely adjusting the bore diameter. The Eddystone plant finished its British contract on June 3, 1917. This weapon was presented to President Woodrow Wilson on 23 January 1918. Assembly, therefore, required the services of a skilled mechanic, who had to play around with a pile of parts and locate one which would fit. They were already tooled up to produce the Enfield for the .303 British caliber and it was a small job for their engineering department to redesign a few of the tools and produce this rifle chambered for the .30/06 Springfield. The British Enfield Model 14 as produced in this country did not have completely interchangeable parts.

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Springfield and Rock Island managed only 270,000 1903s during World War I.

Springfield Research Serivce: 1-02/13/1918 - Presented to Pres. Notes: The British temporarily broke away from the Lee-Enfield design and went with this Mauser-type action weapon in 1914. Most of the "doughboys" in WWI were actually outfitted with this substitute standard weapon, and not the standard M1903 rifle.

Web site photo showing Springfield Armory Superintendent Doug Cuillard holding this weapon. was ostensibly neutral in 1914, that did not stop the British from contracting with Remington (Eddystone Arsenal) and Winchester for their P14 pattern rifle. From 1917-1918, over 2,200,000 M1917 Enfields were manufactured with Winchester supplying 465,980.

Apparently, the Armistice w Production of Enfields at Eddystone Arsenal was 1,181,908.

At Winchester the number was 465,980 and at Ilion 545,541. The Winchester Model of 1917 with the 'W' and serial number on the receiver is an early production variant.

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