Speed dating in perth wa

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It seems to me that commitment to any kind of date is an issue these days.People don't set up another catch up when they are seeing friends, because they aren't sure when they will next be available.I also know many gorgeous women who are single in their 30's.The married men I know shake their heads in disbelief that they have not been taken off the market, so to speak.Why are single people finding it so hard to hook up? When posting comments on our blogs, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. And Daile didn't accuse you of being jaded either...

Unfortunately for them, the great women don't wait. I think it's a really valid question - why are there so many great single men and women and yet none of us can seem to find each other or make it work?

We can only hope that the chemistry in the one date a girl seems to be afforded these days sparks enough interest to shake them out of it. perhaps it's because some of us - paulie the plumber, I'm looking at you - let our bitterness and spite colour the way we look at everyone.

you say a woman who goes to must for a glass of wine has to be a superficial gold-digging bitch, when in fact she might just be a fun-loving, financially independent woman who likes a good glass of red. Why is it every time Pep Talk here posts a blog about being single, people get all hot under the collar?

People don't RSVP to parties and weddings until the last second, just in case something better comes up.

And if it does, they are quite happy to ditch the party they said they would attend in favour of a 'better night.' Is it this leaving Perth's single men shy of making a commitment to dating a woman that may just be perfect?

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