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After seeing (the posters) I called Steve Schenck to see if we could shed some light on these 'phantom' German concerts since I don't recall any bookings at that time.Steve was BOC's agent and certainly would know any bookings during that time period.Armed with a pint of Black Velvet and our good looks, we made our way past the watchful eyes of the law.I ordered up a couple of Cokes and made my way back to our seats, where BV was soon mixed in and consumed without hesitation.We discussed the time period back and forth for a few minutes trying to recall what BOC was doing in Jan of 1980 and came up with the following: Steve believes the poster and flyers were a scam to sell illegal tickets to unsuspecting fans. Just a word on dating this poster and why I reckon it was 1980, despite the fact that it gives no actual year on the poster itself...If you compare this poster design to the rather small Hamburg one above, you'll see that they're clearly both advertising the same (non-existant) tour.Thanks a bunch, Blue Oyster Cult, I thoroughly enjoyed your concert, and will be looking forward to seeing you again. [I originally had this date down as Portland - now corrected. I honestly can't remember though if they appeared at the BOC/Riot show in Spokane that year. We were going down Division ave in Spokane before the show, passing a J or two around. I look out my window and through the haze is Eric Bloom alongside on his bike givin us the thumbs up (presumably for the Kronos symbol and not the ..you know He rode that hog onstage that night for Born To Be Wild. Black Blade was an exceptional performance and the only time I heard several songs off of CE in one evening. I got on to Blue Oyster and checked the tour dates and set list. And I am almost sure Black Sabbath was not on the bill. where with the fully modular systems your only choices each night would be "more" or "less" of everything, bt with our TASCO component type system, the choices were "more bass here" "more treble there"...I did see Molly Hatchet live on a couple of occasions around that time period, but my memory is sketchy in regards to who they appeared with. I had just bought the record a couple of weeks prior so the songs were real fresh. Then again I had my fare share of Scotch at the hotel ;) But seriously, I dont think Black Sabbath was there. this needs a long throw type device to reach it, this needs a shorter throw and so on...

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I saw in the 12 June 1980 edition of the Spokane Daily Chronicle the following: "The Blue Oyster Cult, with its sophisticated laser show, will be in concert at 8pm June 29 in the Spokane Coliseum. The biggest problem presented by such a system logistically is How Do You Fly It ?? in other words, in the large venues, some of it had to hang from the rafters or "fly" to get to the upper reaches...Well, to make a long story short, I won the tickets and was soon on my way via Subaru to the Metra.Bill Coffee went along because he didn 't have anything better to do.Thanks to Eric's contribution above, there's a good chance this "tour" might have been a scam - did anyone out there buy a ticket for any of these dates...? Rock Mc Lean I was sitting home last Monday night, trying my hand at cooking a few hamburgers, when John Albright, illustrious jock of the Y-93 airwaves, stated that he would take caller number five to win a pair of tickets to the Blue Oyster Cult concert at the Metra.I figured what the hell, I might as well give it a try...

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