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Data analytics are rapidly transforming a broad spectrum of AML functions, and this workshop will be of practical benefit to those seeking basic knowledge of analytics as well as guidance for utilizing them to strengthen oversight.Expert presenters will analyze how data analytics can aid AML specialists involved in functions such as transaction monitoring, FIU investigations, KYC/CDD and risk management.This workshop is targeted toward all compliance and financial crime professionals whose job requirements include detecting, assessing, investigating and reporting suspicious activities and transactions.The program is run by experienced practitioners, who will emphasize practical advice for designing investigative models, applying them to real-life cases and properly analyzing findings to ensure conclusions are accurate, thorough and serve institutional interests as well as regulatory requirements.Benefit from this interactive study session as an AML expert walks you through core content areas and practice questions.Anti-financial crime investigations are the linchpin of effective compliance oversight, but executing them effectively can be a complex undertaking with serious implications for investigative errors.This workshop is designed to provide practical guidance for methodically mapping investigative protocols, from alert detection through escalation processes, with the ultimate goal of case resolutions that serve institutional interests.The workshop emphasizes pragmatic advice for optimizing effective internal investigations, such as determining and securing the proper human and technological resources, identifying and assembling required data, and gathering intelligence through interviewing the parties relevant to the activities in question.

But this increase in tech-driven analytical capacity increasingly means AML experts steeped in legacy systems must acquire new skill sets to remain professionally relevant, keep careers on track and protect institutional interests.Finally, the workshop also outlines the rigors of investigation management, including models for securing and accessing sensitive information, abiding by all applicable privacy codes, and contacting law enforcement and regulatory agencies as warranted.This solutions-driven workshop provides active participation, hands-on learning and eminently practical advice of immediate applicable benefit.This expert-led interactive workshop provides in-depth yet practical guidance on crafting data analytics systems to meet unique compliance needs of individual institutions.Instructors will demonstrate how data analytics, properly deployed, can produce operating efficiencies and enhance risk oversight, while detailing best practices to manage growing challenges such as data impairment due to algorithmic or confirmation bias and sharp increases in false positives.

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