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This cosy café bar attached to a design hotel is a little less raucous than Café Charbon.

Comfy seats, inviting cocktails and a friendly crowd make this a great place to go to get practicing your French on a pretty/handsome Parisian!

Feeling like a little slice of Old Havana, Barrio Latino plays a mix of salsa and Latin grooves.

Eat at the 2nd-floor restaurant to soak up those mojitos.

Sitting alone on an empty bench at your favorite museum, especially on a weekday, one may be approached by a trendy young man.

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Planning a night out on the town in the City of Romance? you have two options:1- Try other services, check their lies and come back to the true dating world on!Posted in what's hot Women have been in love with the Parisian lifestyle since well before Marie Antoinette suggested we all eat cake. There are pastries, fashion, chocolate and, oh yes, French men. It would be so convenient if there were a department of them at the local .Oberkampf is popular with trendy Parisians and has established itself as one of the city’s coolest new hang-outs in recent years. An old-style café during the day, Café Charbon turns in to a lively late-night bar at night and is popular among hot young things.The café is a great to go for dancing but not the best if you want to get to know someone a bit better as you’ll barely be able to hear yourself think once the music gets going.

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