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And sometimes I wonder if the same archangel has gotten to Silicon Valley.

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And only two of them seemed even a little vapid – eg this high-end photo sharing/printing site.

I have no idea who these people are or what they’re doing, but they all seem really happy with each other and I’m glad they’re enjoying themselves. A Facebook friend pointed out that QVC has been selling our parents ridiculous overpriced kitchen items since before we were born.

They’ll all have their blind-men-and-elephant view of what kinds of things Silicon Valley “does”. (thinkpiece writers: “Can you believe that Silicon Valley only makes products for shallow elites obsessed with the latest fads? “) So I would recommend people stop talking about how Silicon Valley only makes ridiculous overpriced juicers. Billy Mays pitched the EZ Crunch Bowl, which promised to “revolutionize your cereal-eating experience”.

He’ll see a bunch of streaming video services and Uber-for-hair-products apps and elite pay-to-play dating scams and people trying to disrupt the gymwear market.

And if one of those people who talks about “the cloud” all the time enters Silicon Valley, he’ll find himself surrounded by people who talk about “the cloud” all the time.

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