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A terrorist attack that kills Egyptians or Iraqis elicits shrugs. To what extent does race provide the answer to that question? For years, it provided sanctuary to Osama bin Laden. To stray beyond that constitutes a provocation, as well as a threat to global peace and order.

: What purpose is served by indulging illusions that a “two-state solution” offers a plausible resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? They can certainly afford to do so.: If indeed Saudi Arabia and Iran are competing to determine which nation will enjoy the upper hand in the Persian Gulf, why should the United States favor Saudi Arabia? Why should these other nations play by American rules?

What sequence of planned actions or steps is expected to yield success? How is it that the absence of strategy — not to mention an agreed upon definition of “success” — doesn’t even qualify for discussion here? Available and accessible reserves of oil and natural gas in North America are far greater than was once believed. Why does a republic now approaching the 241st anniversary of its independence still need a “mother country”? maintains nuclear strike forces on full alert, has embarked on a costly and comprehensive trillion-dollar modernization of its nuclear arsenal, and even refuses to adopt a no-first-use posture when it comes to nuclear war.

: The conflict commonly referred to as the Afghanistan War is now the longest in U. history — having lasted longer than the Civil War, World War I, and World War II combined. : Americans once believed that their prosperity and way of life depended on having assured access to Persian Gulf oil. Yet the assumption that the Persian Gulf still qualifies as crucial to American national security persists in Washington. : Each year terrorist attacks kill far fewer Americans than do auto accidents, drug overdoses, or even lightning strikes. : American presidents routinely cite their hope for the worldwide elimination of nuclear weapons. The truth is that the United States will consider surrendering its nukes only after every other nation on the planet has done so first.

To put it another way: Hey, Big Media, here are two dozen matters to which you’re not giving faintly adequate thought and attention.: Since the immediate aftermath of World War II, the United States has been committed to defending key allies in Europe and East Asia. Under what circumstances can Americans expect nations in these regions to assume responsibility for managing their own affairs? Or put another way, why in recent decades have those forces been unable to accomplish Washington’s stated wartime objectives? In the present century, however, perpetuating this practice has visibly had the opposite effect. Our present-day military system, based on the misnamed All-Volunteer Force, is neither democratic nor effective.To pretend otherwise is the equivalent of thinking that one day President Trump might prefer the rusticity of Camp David to the glitz of Mar-a-Lago.: When it comes to arms sales, there is no need to Make America Great Again. Each year, the Saudis (per capita gross domestic product ,000) purchase hundreds of millions of dollars of U. Yet when international law gets in the way of what American policymakers want to do, they disregard it.They start wars, violate the sovereignty of other nations, and authorize agents of the United States to kidnap, imprison, torture, and kill. Why should other powers treat international norms as sacrosanct since the United States does so only when convenient?Why has the now 15-year-old war on terror failed to result in even a single real success anywhere in the Greater Middle East? In the eyes of many of those called upon to “host” American bases, the permanent presence of such forces smacks of occupation. Why has discussion and debate about its deficiencies not found a place among the nation’s political priorities?: Are there any military actions that the president of the United States may not order on his own authority? Bit by bit, decade by decade, Congress has abdicated its assigned role in authorizing war.

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