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It got so bad I asked him to hold my hand until it passed. I decided to contact the current resident of the apartment where he died. I set up an email address with his name and wrote him letters.

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Even though Clinton ultimately won the New Hampshire primary, the fact that her getting teary-eyed was as big a story as it was tells us everything we need to know about our discomfort with a powerful woman’s displays of emotion.It neither frightened them nor rendered me weak in their eyes.The more I shared, the more they wanted to know, and most importantly, the better I felt.I told him that I had met a man who was very special, but that I was struggling to make a deep connection with him. The cultural messages that surrounded me in childhood made equality feel like a battle (it is) that had to be won by adopting the traits that make men successful and dominant: strength, composure, decisiveness, confidence (not so much, actually).It seemed that I had, like Clinton perhaps, paved over my emotional self, favoring instead an impenetrable façade that I thought made me powerful. Messy feelings like grief, passion, love, and fear seemed inconvenient, problematic even.

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