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They discuss the process of making music after all these years and what might be missing from music today.

They cover a lot of topics, so just go ahead and check it out!

This outdated judgmental term, based on the Catholic scriptures, is considered derogatory and inhumane by the modern secular and rational humanist activists.

Jackson got to chat with Phil Collen, guitarist for the band, about the show and what it means to be playing shows like this after so many years.

Surprisingly, Collen is about to have a son that is also named Jaxon (much cooler spelling).

VERY FEW LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIPS BUT VERY HIGH ILLEGITIMATE BIRTHSOnly 4.5% couples in Philippines have live-in relationship and yet 53% of all newborn children were illegitimate.

This means very few children came from the live-in relationship because live-in relationships are in low percentage.

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