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May require small travel within MN which expenses will be covered for. Seeking three females to play main characters and supporting character/waitress. Facilitating a lecture about philosophical/scientific concepts such as the direction of human cognitive abilities, which the protagonist attends.

Looking for non-union talent between ages of 23 and 28, main female lead is 25 years old in script. The three lecturers get into an argument during their session. This production will require many extras between the ages of 20-60 on various scenes, from “bar crowd” to “science panel attendees”.

Shoot will take place the 1st week in August at multiple locations including a high school.

See below for additional details: CHARACTER BREAKDOWNMale #1 High school age, attractive, popular, liked by everyone, positive attitude, outgoing, friendly, the victim of SCA.

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Phone: Email Address: [email protected]: Productions is hosting an open casting call for models and actors every Thursday from 9am to 3pm. My Make Studios is seeking applicants for the following roles on their upcoming feature production: “Wolves and Other Factors” (Working Title).We take commission upon booking of a job in accordance of union rules only. Phone: Email Address: [email protected]: https:// Shooting starts this September and will continue over the winter.Many of the primary shoot days willl happen this fall before snow. Young businesswoman meets "herself" from another time and place, learns she is responsible for the start of World War III and needs to prevent it at all costs in this short sci-fi thriller. Helps the protagonist impact the scientific community by enabling her to contribute her experience of seeing the future while remaining anonymous.Production will take place around principle cast and crew schedules this summer, 2018. Production to take place around the twin cities metro area. It is one of many steps that we are taking to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement.A reimagined adaptation of the tale of the three little pigs, in which the youngest of 3 sisters in their 20's can see her future, including the chaos to come with the arrival of the charming Mr. All of our projects focus on bringing the action to the public eye.

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