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According to the latest research after removing link influence from ranking factor; 68% of all websites that were analysed dropped in rankings and only 24% showed increase in rankings.Now this algorithm applied only to Moscow and in some other regions- Winners: Personally, I think that such changes in algorithm ranking lead directly to increases in Yandex PPC spending.Also, if you are promoting a website in a separate region then it is better to get links related to your region [see the winners above].One of the most important differences between Google and Yandex is that with Google, new pages/sites in SERP appear or disappear in real time whereas Yandex has 3 types of updates: Very often your site will drop or increase in rankings following some of those updates.After placing links on various sites in the relevant categories, your site will move up in SERP, taking the top positions on desired key requests. There isn’t a lot of information available about Russian or Yandex SEO written in English.If you are in a very competitive niche then you definitely must use keyword rich anchors.

For example “ppc services in Moscow” or “buy shoes in Rostov”.For international SEO, there is no point in using Yandex.However, you can use it for Russian speaking countries such as Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan. In Google, people from the same country see the same search results for a single keyword except local listings, paid results etc.He previously wrote about landing page optimization best practices on the blog which was very popular.This time he is teaching us about Russian SEO & ranking in Yandex!

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