Self consolidating concrete history problems updating vista sp1

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Unlike an silo bag, Hanson’s bunker silos are a more economical, one-time investment way to reduce spoilage.

Storing feed in a Hanson bunker silo can save a producer over 50% less spoilage- dry matter loss verses ground pile storage.

By altering the density, we can make LIQUIDFILL that is excavatable with a shovel or a back hoe.

By using LIQUIDFILL labor costs are reduced and material density uncertainty is eliminated. RAPID PAVE™ is Cemstone’s proprietary ultra-high, early-strength product for rapid repair of concrete pavement and structures.

Cemstone offers unmatched experience, expertise and technologies to provide you with the right mix for your needs.

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Contact your sales representative for more information when your project when the timeline for your project is hours instead of days.Using the principles of rheology (the branch of physics that deals with the deformation and flow of matter), Cemstone has created a family of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) mixtures designed with performance in mind.From slab-on-grade construction and architectural elements to mass concrete and super structures for bridges, the uses of Cemstone’s family of SCC are endless.This unique material is designed to self-level whether it’s truck dumped or placed with one of our concrete pumps.Since this material is engineered, Cemstone can tailor the mixture’s density depending upon what is required for the application.

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