Sccm advertisement status not updating

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Currently waiting for a response from the Microsoft Config Mgr Product team on if they feel this is an issue worthy of a product update or just a Tech Net article warning of the impact Summary: issues relating to Update deployment packages that are migrated between Config Mgr hierarchies that share the same source folder location.

Automated “orphan cleanup” process will delete content from the folder if one of the hierarchies doesn’t need it, even it the other one still does.

Content in Config Mgr is always in the form of a package defined by a designated set of source files; these source files are then made available to the clients using distribution points in Config Mgr or peer systems once you deploy One Site.

In Config Mgr, for mandatory/required (download and execute) advertisements and deployments (all update deployments are download and execute), clients will attempt to download content at the “Start Time” of the advertisement or deployment so that it is pre-staged and ready for the actual scheduled mandatory time or deadline in the case of update deployments.

So if there were no updates available to be installed, why were my Software Update compliance reports showing the client as non-compliant and the Deployments in the Monitoring node in the console saying the client In Progress for a Software Update group deployment?

This blog post saved me Power Shell script in the blog above forced my client to re-send its compliance to the SCCM 2012 server: I then checked the SCCM 2012 console in 15 minutes and the Deployments section in the Monitoring node showed the client as Successful instead of In Progress, and the SCCM 2012 update compliance reports showed the client as Compliant.

To work around this, I just create a “Blank”, or testing Distribution Point Group with no members.

This DP Group is perfectly fine to use in the wizard and allows the package source to be created and downloaded without then needing to wait for it to be sent to the DP.

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