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As it turns out, Lively and Badgley split in September and Showbiz 411 confirms Gosling and Lively are in a relationship.Lively flew from Paris to New York to be at the premiere for Gosling’s new movie, , and was spotted at the after-party.We hope the Academy will take this unhinged, misleadingly titled rant into consideration come voting time.

Soon after the gossip got out, Lively’s rep gave a statement denying the two were dating and that Lively was still dating co-star Penn Badgley.Oh, BTW, gorgeous Blake hasn't exactly been hurting for suitors, post-Penn Bagdley, so don't think she was simply waiting around while Mr. We kinda dig that Lively and Ry are actually, well, , and here's why: Neither of these babes do showmances. It will be interesting to see how their relaysh progresses without publicists jamming "to-do" lists down their throats.And we're extra curious to see how B and R interact with awards season around the corner.She reportedly avoided the red carpet by sneaking in through the back door of the Museum of Modern Art where the screening was held.Unless she and Gosling have become BFFs, the evidence points to something more than just friendship.

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