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(This may not seem like much today, where a lot of popular You Tube channels have over million subscribers, but it was quite the feat at the time.)From there, though, things only seemed to tumble downhill.

Ray signed a contract with Maker Studios, which was a You Tube channel network that would allow him to create videos on set, and work with a generally higher budget.

He was on quite the standard (albeit ambitious) life track, at the time.

After cutting ties with the network, he founded his own production company called True to his word, he made his final video for =3 in March of 2014.

(He also makes the occasional appearance in the videos, but he’s nowhere near as involved as he used to be.) Ray is currently working on a documentary with Kaja Martin (a former =3 host) that will talk about cable company monopolies.

The independent film that he co-starred in, , should be making its premiere this year.

Although he must have enjoyed making the videos, he didn’t seem to be able to obtain a whole lot of attention.

However, within a couple of years, that all changed., and it involved reacting to and offering commentary in regards to different viral videos.

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