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This policy is effective immediately, except where noted below, and applies to different-gender relationshipsand same-gender relationships.b.Relationships between Soldiers of different rank are prohibited if they—(1) Compromise, or appear to compromise, the integrity of supervisory authority or the chain of command.(2) Cause actual or perceived partiality or unfairness.(3) Involve, or appear to involve, the improper use of rank or position for personal gain.(4) Are, or are perceived to be, exploitative or coercive in nature.(5) Create an actual or clearly predictable adverse impact on discipline, authority, morale, or the ability of the command to accomplish its mission.c. important to understand that marriage would NOT prevent your command (or her commander) from investigation of the pre-marital relationship. For example, it is perfectly legal for a Army Colonel to Marry an Army Corporal.In relationships where one of the enlisted members has entered into a program intended to result in a change in their status from enlisted to officer, the couple must terminate the relationship permanently or marry within either one year of the actual start date of the program, before the change in status occurs, or within one year of the publication date of this regulation, whichever occurs later. So long as you follow the guidelines the couple must terminate the relationship permanently or marry within either one year of the actual start date of the program, before the change in status occurs. Enrolling in Army ROTC is not, strictly speaking, joining the Army. However, the primary purpose of the Army ROTC program is to produce its Officers, so you must agree to serve as Officers in the Army after graduation in order to go through the entire program, or if you have received an ROTC scholarship.In the case of ARNG or United States Army Reservepersonnel, this prohibition does not apply to relationships that exist due to their civilian occupation or employment.(2) Dating, shared living accommodations other than those directed by operational requirements, and intimate or sexual relationships between officers and enlisted personnel. When evidence of fraternization between an officer and enlisted member prior to their marriage exists, their marriage does not preclude appropriate command action based on the prior fraternization.

If there is evidence that the relationship PRIOR to the marriage of the Army Fraternization policy.

Whether it’s the chance to wear a beautiful gown, pick out sparkly jewelry or enjoy an evening of tradition, most military spouses and significant others are excited for the ball. Two in college and four since my husband has been active duty.

He’s a Soldier, so I can really only speak to how the Army functions, but bear with me. A few years ago, at a post-deployment ball, I spotted “That Girl.” You may know what I’m talking about because there’s at least one at every function.

This prohibition does not apply to landlord/tenant relationships or to one-time transactions such as the sale of an automobile or house, but does apply toborrowing or lending money, commercial solicitation, and any other type of on-going financial or business relationship.

Business relationships which exist at the time this policy becomes effective, and that were authorized under previously existing rules and regulations, are exempt until March 1, 2000.

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