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is a cooperative party game where the goal – as it should be in social situations – is to not kill your friends…which results in a lot of frustratedly yelling colors at your friends.

You take turns leading your (adorable) team through color-coded levels, needing to switch and match the joggernaut at the front of the team to the color of whatever alien, bridge, or obstacle lies ahead.

New this summer, this game will get you completely hooked.

comes from PC Gamer writer Tim Clark, who describes it as a game that’s “as mean as it is beautiful”.

You can play the game as one thing the entire time, or switch to being something else.

This game is equal parts ridiculous and kind of heavily existential as you think about the true interconnectedness of all things…but also, the movements the animals make is really funny, so there’s that.

You’re driving across post-apocalyptic North America where big insectoid creatures have taken over.

Just like real speed-dating, you get a few minutes to talk to potential wrestling partners, then before the next one comes by you take notes on what you thought about them. You have to hit the button and send the light back to the other player when it gets within a yellow-lit area on your side of the tube.

This game is purely based on the conversation about life, mortality, and and making choices within it.

Content & Strategy Manager at Threadless by day, dad joke aficionado, cartoonist, & contributor for sites like Hello Giggles and The Mary Sue by night.

), Bit Bash features super cool indie games from fan favorites, to recent releases, to the games that are ‘coming soon’ or are still in the testing phase.

We checked out Bit Bash this year for games, good times, and for the mac and cheese food truck they had on site.

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