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The true answer is he did, he truly loved her, he was just terrified that he was no longer an alpha male now that he had settled down, and therefore not attractive to the opposite sex.

Women weigh income more than physical characteristics, and men sought physical attractiveness and offered status-related information more than women.3.

Dating Guru: Lost Chapters is THE ULTIMATE POWERFUL FAKIN and only guide to getting girls and to understand women once and for all. This book delves especially into the psychological, which involves one girl attempting to dominate the other’s mind.

This is why guys that read it don't read or recommend anything else. Taboo thoughts, animalistic behaviors, and carnal struggles... How to be an ideal lover, how to love the best possible way…? A basic understanding of psychology reveals how impactful is the role of our attitude in our lives.

Everything you ever need to know when asking why men think the way they do is contained in this idea.

A man’s value in the eyes of the world is closely linked with his ability to attract women and when this stops (when he enters a relationship) his self esteem drops and sometimes the woman subconsciously looses interest.

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