Psychic dating

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Oh, you know, just a little thing called TRUE LOVE.

Also, if you’re like me, you may have gotten confused and entered your own sign into the search bar, assuming that Walter would match you with compatible astrological signs. Because not knowing the sign you’re looking for to begin with is amateur hour.

Our next planned Mix ‘n’ Match event will be announced shortly. I am an international author, astrologer and TV personality.

I had never interacted with Chris previous to this day. We never saw each other (aside from online research, because again, I’m a journalist). Somewhere, on the distant, alien planet over which he presides, Walter Mercado aka Shanti Ananda had had enough.His psychic mindwaves had informed him that Earth Internet was rife with articles about Susan Miller; one even went so far as to dub her “The Most Famous Astrologer in the Universe.” Shuddering with anger, his extravagantly bejeweled cape sent billions of light beams into space, which reached Earth in the form of what humans believe to be “starlight.” But then he remembered he had something up his sleeve that would forever reaffirm his dominance (metaphorically, of course.Then it's up to Cherlie Healy - Possibilitarian who helps him understand "Love Languages". Is it a simple black or white issue or does it fall within the many shades of grey in between? Dean's Bachelorette buddy Eric Bigger joins him in studio as the two men use their "bro-time" to break down the importance of astrological signs in a relationship.Plus they determine which signs might be most compatible for Dean.

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