Pornstar dating hockey player

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Del Zotto was dressed down publicly via Twitter by adult entertainment star Lisa Ann, perhaps best known for her parodies of former American presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Lisa Ann complained throughout Sunday to her 749,000 Twitter followers that the defenceman asked her to play wingman and set him up with dates while he’s on the road.

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While never officially confirmed, the name Amanda Grahovec has been recently identified as Kane’s girlfriend, dating since mid 2012.We have painstakingly researched female athlete after female athlete to come up with the 50 hottest for 2018. Natasha is a sprinter on Team USA who is a seasoned track veteran.She won a gold medal in the 4×400 meter relay at the 2008 Olympic Games.However, Kane’s mid twenties seem to have conjured up ideas of settling down as we recently got wind of Patrick Kane’s girlfriend Amanda Grahovec.We first heard that Kane had a girlfriend when Kane talked about an unidentified girlfriend in the 2013 Official Blackhawks magazine.

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