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They make it impossible to contact them in any other way - if you have any doubts about these statements, just try for yourself and see what happens.Aside from class action lawsuits, consumers have gotten no responses regarding claims, requests for refunds, reports of fraud, etc. They have a legal policy of only protecting consumers in states and countries where they have been forced to by the courts and extensive legal settlements.I've had much better luck on Eharmony and that's where I'm going back. I usually have common matches on this site more than other platforms. I also like that I could put what my personality is. I meet a guy that only had old pictures of himself on his profile. Now, I don't have a problem with middle aged ** men, they are not my type at all. My overall experience with POF has been completely terrible, most guys just want to hook up, and even when I find someone who can possibly be my good match, he completely ghosts me.When I went to meet him he looked like he was way older than those pictures. If I wanted a sugar daddy, then I would go to a sugar daddy website. I've been on this site for over a year and have found NO ONE. Also, I dislike that the guys just want to meet and get some from you, the fact you have to pay REAL LIFE MONEY just to be noticed more by potential suitors, when all those suitors is just wanting one thing in general.During this phase it tells you that your profile is on fire. Despite a setting saying I only want to be contacted by local people, I keep getting messages from people in other parts of the country. When you sign up for the free version, you will be barraged with emails informing you that this one and that one wants to meet you, viewed your profile, faved you, etc.After the couple of hours are over, no more communication and the profile pics change. Unless I slept through a bunch of earthquakes, Florida and California definitely aren't within the 75 mile limit on my contact filters. They will tell you a user's specific name as well... But then, to see who the people are that faved, want to meet, viewed ya, etc, POF will tell you that it is required to buy a membership.

), But they will not assist you in any way with actual problems.It makes it easier to have conversations or at the very least conversation starters.Also I like that you can see so much information about somebody and review them before you send them a message.They were both away in Europe on business, one in Greece, one in France. This company has, and continues to be, the subject of countless class action lawsuits in the U. They have settled a shocking amount of lawsuits for committing fraud (I.Anyway, before they could come back to Colorado, one needed 00 and the other one needed 00 for some business related issue. " I reported them to POF, and then immediately unsubscribed. E., Fake profiles, fake messages, spam bots, fraudulent billing practices, lying about cancelling memberships, lying to consumers, etc.).

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