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One example is when vital benefits could be lost if one party was to predecease the other without a court order being in place for a financial settlement – and if the losing party cannot properly be compensated out of the other assets for the loss.

It is very rare indeed for someone to die during divorce proceedings, but it can still happen.

For example, if there is a potential bankruptcy on the horizon and a financial settlement needs to be implemented.

Of course, it is always wise to consider your own position with your solicitor, before agreeing to decree absolute.The parties are still able to change their minds about getting divorced.That is why it is called : the Latin term for “unless.” There is a six week and one day minimum mandatory period between grant of decree nisi and decree absolute, so that if the couple do want to change their minds, they will remain married. I have one client who has twice obtained decree nisi from her husband, only to backtrack from the point at which the divorce was to be finalised.So it is a worthwhile part of the procedure and serves its purpose.In most cases, however, too much water has passed under the bridge and the obtaining of decree absolute is public recognition that the parties, who are already divorced in body and mind, are now legally divorced.

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