Passive agressive behavior in dating a woman adult sex dating in otis oregon

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When I try to set up a date, she usually agrees and follows through. She takes forever to respond between texts and is very indecisive when given choices.

I guess she wants me to make all of the decisions and just show up.

In short, when she needs a meal or some companionship or whatever is convenient for her needs....will pay attention. Seems like she has a pretty good arrangement focused entirely upon you giving her what she wants whenever she wants it and can then put you back on the shelf until needed again.

She's a very attractive girl and has a lot going for her. They can't handle any stress, have repressed anger, and are very passive-aggressive at unhealthier levels. Are you sure she's not living with someone else or something like that? She sounds like she has to do a lot of maneuvering just to meet up with you. This isn't necessarily what's going on, but just a thought.But she does display the ambiguity in her chatter, and she's chronically late to dates, and she does not show anger openly at all. They want "peace at any price." They can become very stubborn. They do not want to be controlled by other people's expectations, re: the phone. I have had a long term boyfriend and was interested in someone else at the same time and would just text the other guy but told my boyfriend he's just a friend, which is true, but not disclosing my feelings obviously.I'm just trying to figure this girl out before making a commitment to her. She's been emotionally hurt by men in her past, whether that be with her father or previous relationships and she doesn't want to become emotionally attached only to get hurt again. Maybe the reason why she takes so long to respond depends on if she's with that other person at the time. You can resign yourself to being nothing more than friend with benefits to her, which isn't really a bad thing, or just say the hell with it and move on completely.Although she has followed through and shown up to our dates recently, she waits until the last minute to get ready and usually winds up running 15-30 minutes late.I have been very patient with her and I want things to work out badly.

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