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“When one looks at the terrific Boston Marathon operation and its aftermath, including the accusation of the two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, he understands how a single lone jihad operation can force America to stand on one foot and live in a terrified state, full of fear and rare restlessness,” reads one article under the byline Abu Abdillah Almoravid.

Unlike the last edition of the publication in March, which contained bomb-building recipes – including one using a pressure cooker, similar to the devices deployed near the marathon finish line – and other suggested methods for inflicting small-scale terrorism, the new 39-page issue has numerous pieces aimed at the American audience. The question of ‘who and why’ should be kept aside, You should be asking, “Where is next?

"Rather than benefiting from scientific advances through DNA tests, which have proven to be an accurate method for identification, CII suggests discarding that without any prudent reason," it said.

October 2013 • September 2013 • August 2013 • July 2013 • June 2013 • May 2013 • April 2013 • March 2013 • February 2013 • January 2013 • December 2012 • November 2012 • October 2012 • September 2012 • August 2012 • July 2012 • June 2012 • May 2012 • April 2012 • March 2012 • February 2012 • January 2012 • December 2011 • November 2011 • October 2011 • September 2011 • August 2011 • July 2011 • June 2011 • May 2011 • Pre-April 2011Lahore: Pakistan's top human rights watchdog on Friday expressed "alarm and disappointment" over a declaration by the Council of Islamic Ideology that DNA tests are not acceptable as primary evidence in determining rape cases.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan described the Council's decision as "regressive" and "unkind to rape victims".

They guarded the ruins of Muslim businesses that were reduced to ashes on Tuesday and Wednesday,, erecting roadblocks from twisted debris.

At one corner, where the charred remains of a three-story building still smoldered, Muslim residents sorted through rubble for anything salvageable.

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