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Unless you know what I was just thinking, in which case, e-mail me. By the time I got to books, and wrote "Pynchon," I was in a full-fledged state of self-loathing. But I have to be honest, the online dating thing freaked me out. The only conclusion I could come up with was that, maybe, we deserved them. The Frisky: Online dating dos and don'ts I tried to fill out the profile, but instead, it just filled me with a quiet rage. My music list was a near impenetrable list of overly eclectic bands that reflect my excellent taste, punctuated by "and Genesis." My movies were all '80s flicks, foreign films, and David Lynch. The threat of heartbreak is what makes finding that one person who sparks your fuse so precious.The problem is I don’t know how to let them know I may not want to kiss until the 3rd or 4th date to feel comfortable and enjoy it.I’ll never be a first date kisser or even second date kisser and I think that’s perfectly reasonable especially if it’s a stranger I meet online. A script for how to explain your stance to men without sounding too uptight or awkward? You are not “wrong” for needing more time and connection before kissing.And since he is bright and analytical – the kind of guy who questions things – it’s occurred to him that the old tradition of men paying for women on dates just seems so…anachronistic. He’s looking for an equal, and an equal would have no problem with this obviously fair arrangement. After all, he’s a great guy – honest, ethical, creative, and yes, even GENEROUS – once he feels a woman has earned the right to be the recipient of his generosity. And that’s before factoring in things like looks, personality, intelligence, kindness, emotional availability, common goals, etc. It’s not that it’s impossible to find people like me. My “compromise” was marrying an attractive, cool, funny, smart, generous, kind, easygoing Catholic woman – and it’s a choice that makes me happy every single day. That’s what I would do – make it fun and light, take the pressure off.

How do I navigate this without pursuing a guy but letting him know I’m interested? In short, Brooke, you’re not giving men what they want. That’s okay, but, from here, you’re no different than Nick, another wonderful person who remains shocked that women don’t respond to him, but refuses to compromise on his stance. I am not unlike Brooke, although I have been known to kiss on the first date.

That way when you are both ready to kiss, it’s not too awkward.

Online dating sites promise to use science to match you with the love of your life.

It's a testament to my generosity of spirit I waded through these interweb love sewers in order to impart some sort of wisdom. Possibly, if I was in prison, an Alaskan crab fisherman or a morbidly obese shut-in so humongous I had to wash myself with a Sham Wow stapled to a broom handle, I could see the value in such sites. I don't need a middleman brokering a get together between the potential woman of my dreams and my own abilities to self-sabotage and humiliate myself. The extent of my research began and ended with me signing up for OK Cupid, and failing to finish my profile.

This might or might not be a totally uninformed opinion.

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