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They are almost certainly stiff, overly photoshopped and most importantly obvious that you hired a portrait photographer. Beyond the obvious mentioned above, there are some additional secondary signals you are sending in these types of photos.

People viewing these types of photos in your online dating profile might think that: In both cases, you are hurting your chances for meeting someone online.

If you are using your Linkedin headshots, modeling photos, glamour photos or even regular portraits for an online dating photos— please stop.

99% of the time these photos do not reveal anything about you — your interests, hobbies, passions.

She whisked me up to a nearby deserted but pretty rooftop which I didn’t even know existed. It turns out for straight women, pouting is not the one.

Despite my friends’ and family’s insistence that I am an attention-seeking drama queen, I was extremely nervous. Saskia informed me that men are more likely to swipe right for a woman who smiles than a duckface.

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A great online dating photographer will evaluate your current photos, will offer suggestions on dating apps/sites, will learn about you and your personality, hobbies and passions and create opportunities to capture you in a natural light — just like a friend would if he / she were good with a camera.

Fantastic online dating headshots by an experienced professional photographer like Kelly Weaver are what you need to attract high quality individuals into your life.

They’ll notice that you took the time and effort to get high quality profile photographs taken to make a great first impression.

While this is still a growing specialty in photography, it has gathered a lot of attention in the press (mainly Tinder photographers).

Be careful of portrait photographers who bill themselves as online dating photographers, they are just trying to market themselves to another audience.

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