Ntp not updating time dating aniversary

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That's the only thing that differs from similar questions posted by other people over a decade ago. It's just that with Windows 10, some of the granular control is taken away from the user.

So the user can no longer select what NTP server to use, or type in the address of whatever server the user wishes to use.

But you can easily find that out because the address for one of them comes as an optional preset in Windows since at least Windows XP.

This is the one they should have used as default, but they opted for their own NTP server which never works.

This problem has not been observed with the w32time version which has been shipped with Windows 2000, only with later versions.

Using some commands in a command line window, the behavior of w32time can be changed so that w32time sends the correct "client" mode request packets.

For example in Windows 8, check firewall settings in Control Panel -Advanced settings.Can it be that there is a problem with my mainboard or something like that?First of all, this is more than a decade old Windows problem! Windows has had problems syncing the system time against NTP servers for as long as I can remember. It has never worked for me personally, and it never has worked for many people out there on the WWW who post similar questions to the one you just posted here.When I have "Set date and time from the Internet" selected, date and time just resets to zero.Internet connection is otherwise functional, can listen to radio for example.

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