Nonverbal learning disorder dating

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If you do something at work that you think will get you in trouble with the boss or a co-worker, let them know about it before they find out in some other way, then apologize and let them know you will try very hard not to let that happen again.

Let them know that you learned from the experience, and never, never, never blame it on your LD.

This kind of social rehearsal can save you embarrassment or regret later.

One note of caution: don’t post this on Facebook or You Tube and don’t email it anywhere.

The best way to get back that confidence that helps you be more confident is to “take a walk.” Literally!

You might want to establish rules like, “We never accuse or blame each other.,” “We don’t argue in public,” “Please don’t talk until I sit down,” or “Never promise or threaten anything when we are upset.” If you are tech-savvy, you might want to make a video of yourself saying the things you want to say to your friend or partner, and play the tape a couple of times before you share the message in person.

Getting proper sleep, nutrition and exercise will help your brain work better.

Being with friends and having fun is a good way to do that, but a trip to the gym with them before or after work is generally a better idea than stopping off at the local pub!

It’s my hope that these “conversations” contain advice that may change the life paths of many adults with LD.

A: Many adults say that they “hide” the LD from potential friends or romantic partners.

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