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The only other compelling reason to use Access is an upgrade path to SQL Server.Since I've never used SQL server in my life (and don't plan to), it's not a big deal.In fact, Jet has some features that SQLite does not, namely foreign keys.So can anyone think why SQLite should be used instead of a Jet database?SQLite does indeed lack a few features (such as foreign keys), however, these are primarily due to SQLite being specifically developed as being an extremely small and lightweight database that is also serverless.

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However, you can not have both the 32 and 64-bit engines installed at the same time.If you have Office 2007 32-bit installed, and you try and install the 64-bit ACE engine, it tells you need to uninstall Office 2007 first.So for these reasons we just decided enough is enough.People who say that Jet corrupts databases are stuck in 1995.In the end, unless your application has some very specific requirements that are pushing the boundaries of either database engines, then it probably doesn't matter which one you chose.

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