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UPDATE table SET Col1 = 1 WHERE id = 1; UPDATE table SET Col1 = 2 WHERE id = 2; UPDATE table SET Col2 = 3 WHERE id = 3; UPDATE table SET Col1 = 10 WHERE id = 4; UPDATE table SET Col2 = 12 WHERE id = 4; variant, a variant with "case / when / then" clause and a naive approach with transaction. The overall conclusion is that the variant with case statement turns out to be twice as fast as two other variants, but it's quite hard to write correct and injection-safe code for it, so I personally stick to the simplest approach: using transactions.

Edit: Findings of Dakusan prove that my performance estimations are not quite valid.

where UID=8; ----------------- --------- ------------- -------- -------------- | manu | model | deploy_date | sernum | sysversion | ----------------- --------- ------------- -------- -------------- | Sam's Computers | GX 1000 | 08/58/2002 | 230948 | Windows 2003 | ----------------- --------- ------------- -------- -------------- 1 row in set (0.00 sec) What we want is 08/08/2003 as the deploy_date. We need an HTML file to select the UID to update, a PHP file to display the current record and provide fields to update, and another PHP file to confirm the update and apply it to the database.

We plan to use UID to link to more details about the associated user for this record in future articles.

Here is the result comparing to other 3 methods in update 30,000 raw.The TRANSACTION method is also pretty expensive in both replication and query logs.Even worse, the CASE method was 41.1x slower than the INSERT method w/ 30,000 records (6.1x slower than TRANSACTION). INSERT and CASE methods broke even at ~1,000 records.Code can be found here which is based on answer from @Dakusan Transaction: 5.5194580554962 Insert: 0.20669293403625 Case: 16.474853992462 Multi: 0.0412278175354 As you can see, multiple statements query is more efficient than the highest answer. Each weekend a cron runs and it generates invoices for each customer.

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