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Some have affairs because they’re rebelling against a belief about themselves or the values they grew up with, while others may be reacting to the pain of previous relationships.

Some are trying to recapture a lost sense of self while others are making up for opportunities they believe they’d missed.

We frequently define ourselves by our relationships and make our partners the center of our world; they become our best friends, our primary source of emotional support and intimacy.

It becomes a part of who we are – we are not just ourselves but part of a gestalt entity like the world’s squishiest Transformers.

Other times it’s a matter of one partner simply panicking and lashing out.

For some people, cheating on their partners is a way of punishing them or getting revenge for some slight; even if the other partner never learns about the affair, that secret knowledge serves as a sort of reprisal, a trump card that can be dealt at any time.

Discovering that your partner was cheating on you is incredibly painful.

Everyone who’s discovered their partner’s indiscretions almost always says the same thing: “I wish I’d never found out.” Processing the fact that your partner has been banging someone else is painful enough.

All asking for the details will do is give you things to torture yourself with and images that will never leave your head.

Former Queensland premier and GOLDOC chairman Peter Beattie said hosting a clean games was their main focus, and vital for the 2018 Games' reputation."Pre-testing is so important because that stops people getting here who are in fact drug cheats,” Beattie said."It's about reputation and about the quality of the event.

Australians hate cheats, they want to see good competition, but they want to see it fair."There's always someone who wants to break the rules.

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